The Management Core Solutions, Inc. Process

Upon acceptance of an account for collection, the account is entered into our state of the art collection software and an account number is assigned.  This is completed within twenty-four hours of receipt.  You will receive an acknowledgement report that will show the account number, debtor name and the date in which the first demand letter was sent to the debtor.  In five days (allowing for U.S. Mail delivery) we will begin telephone calls to the debtor.  These calls will be placed during the day, night-time and on Saturdays until phone contact has been achieved.  We will resolve any billing and / or insurance issues.  We will provide debt verification to the debtor upon demand.  Our goal is to either get this debt paid in full or to establish a payment plan.  Should a payment plan be negotiated we will send the debtor
an amortization schedule showing payment amounts and due dates.

If phone contact and / or payment arrangements have not been established we will notify the debtor of our intent to report to the major credit bureaus.  Additionally we will begin researching for possible suit recommendation.  This includes verify employment, review other debt obligations to determine if suit is a viable option.   Accounts are worked continuously until a resolution has been reached.  This is performed through a series of letters and phone attempts at varying times.

If we have been unable to collect and we have obtained a place of employment, real estate holdings and / or banking information we will recommend civil litigation.  Management Core Solutions, Inc. will prepare affidavits for your signature and can even arrange for a notary to bring the documents to you.  At that time, we request monies for filing and court service costs.  We have a nationwide network of skilled collection Attorneys or you can use an Attorney of your own choosing.  Once judgment has been obtained we will then file garnishment papers in order to collect on the court awarded judgment.  Once satisfied we will also handle the filing of releases.