About Management Core Solutions, Inc.

Company Profile

Management Core Solutions, Inc. is a highly professional and successful third party collection agency.   We specialize in medical, retail and consumer debt.  By teaming private investigators, paralegals, negotiators and contract Attorneys we are uniquely qualified to locate debtors and their assets.  Our belief is to firmly, but professionally encourage debtors to honor the debts owed to you.   When payment plans and promises are defaulted we quickly begin the process of legal action in an effort to return monies owed to its’ rightful owner…you.

Peace of Mind

Placing collection accounts with Management Core Solutions, Inc.  brings with it a high level confidence.  We strictly adhere to  HIPAA, FDCPA, FCRA, TCPA and all State and Federal regulations.    All sensitive account information is securely stored on our own in-house servers and protected by a 128-bit encryption process.   Collection efforts are conducted by skilled and trained employees (not sub-contractors working offsite).  MCS, Inc is licensed, insured  and bonded where required.  We strive to perform our collection efforts while maintaining your valued reputation.

ACA Membership

We are members of the American Collectors Association or ACA.  What this brings to our valued clients is a professional, legally complaint and ethical collection agency.  ACA provides ongoing education for telephone collectors as well as managers.  They also provide legislative updates so as laws continue to change we remain in strict compliance.  ACA was formed in 1939 to help third party collection firms provide the best possible service to their client base.  For more information contact ACA at ACA International

States Licensed

Management Core Solutions, Inc. is licensed in Virginia.