Persistently Pursuing YOUR Money

Management Core Solutions, Inc. specializes in medical collections,
retail collections and consumer
debt collections

By teaming private investigators, paralegals, negotiators and contract attorneys we are uniquely qualified to locate debtors as well as their assets.

Our belief is to firmly, but professionally encourage debtors to honor the debts owed to you.

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Management Core Solutions, Inc. Advantages

  • State of the art collections software
  • Contracts with Attorneys (Nationwide)
  • Guaranteed first demand letter in 24 hours
  • Night-time and Saturday calling
  • Professional, firm yet courteous service
  • Contingency based collections: No collection, No fees.
  • Flexible collection fee rates
  • Membership in ACA and a strict adherence to FCRA, FDCPA, TCPA and HIPAA regulations
  • Reporting to major credit bureaus
  • Licensed private investigators
  • No settlement agreement without client approval
  • Fully licensed and insured